Space Disco is Coming to PorcFest 2020

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As the hot summer sun begins to set, the Porcupines who find themselves among New Hampshire’s lush mountains can hear the distant thump of electronic beats emanating from the Astra Lounge. Liftoff preparations are already underway.

Gravity: Check.
Oxygen: Plenty.
Phasers: Set to stun.

It is now t-minus 60 minutes until departure, and already there’s a crowd outside the ship, the ESV Precariat. The crew awaits the captain’s instructions. You feel your own energy ramping up as the anticipation grows. What will you see on your journey? Who will you encounter in this new environment? Will the creatures there be bizarre or beautiful? Only time will tell.

Friday, June 26 (PorcFest / ForkFest)
Beats: 7-11pm
Entry: $2 w/ PF ticket ($5 w/o)
Vitamin Drinks for Sale (or BYOB)

Dress Code: Space Glam (optional)

DJ Capital Interest

Rogers Campground
Lancaster, NH

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